Adult Ministries

We need friends. Friends guide us, care for us, confront us in love, console us in times of pain.... The more we are able to recieve the different gifts our friends have to give us, the more we are able to offer our own unique but limited gifts. Thus, friendships create a beautiful tapestry of love.
— Henri Nouwen

There are a number of ways we nurture faith among adults.  There are unique needs and strengths in faith formation for each stage of life. We try to be attentive to various needs through a number of opportunities throughout the year. These include things such as: Sunday School, Community Groups, Book Clubs, Arts-n-August, Lectionary Lunch, and more.

Community Groups

These are not your typical small groups. A Community Group is a group composed of approximately eight people who covenant together to share life, faith, and ministry. Imagine sharing your life and faith in a deeper way with a handful of friends from your church. What might it be like to have a place where you can come and let your guard down…where you can share your hopes and dreams…where your faith is deepened and stretched? Have you ever thought about being part of a group of people who are committed to praying for one another and studying together and serving together? In the midst of a busy schedule and the demands of life, do you ever long for a time and place to step away and breathe…a place for your soul to rest and be refreshed?  If so, our community groups are for you. Community Groups meet weekly October through April. 

Community Group has been hard and amazing and painful and I still feel at times that I don’t belong, but it was the most worthwhile thing I have done for myself in years and my life has changed. I don’t know where I’d be spiritually or personally without this group, or without Dayspring.
— Community Group Paticipant

Lectionary Lunch

Each Wednesday a group gathers in Anniversary Hall to share laughter, food, and scripture from 12:00p.m. to 1:30 p.m. Lunch is always potluck and bound to be prepared from delicious recipes of our members. Our time of study generally uses the lectionary passage that will be preached on the following Sunday. It is a time of digging in and asking questions as we prepare for the coming Sunday. All are welcome whenever they are able.

Serving Together

 At Dayspring, opportunities abound to exercise your unique gifts and strengthen our community. Doing simple work together and for one another is an important part of our community life and personal journeys of faith. Joyfully offering gifts of time, talent and humble service makes a difference in the experience we share and that we offer.