Community Garden

Deer Free, All natural, community garden at Dayspring Baptist

Deer Free, All natural, community garden at Dayspring Baptist

Dayspring's Community Garden was created in 2013 to provide a place for our neighbors to come connect with creation, with one another, with Dayspring, and with God. Our garden consists of 36 raised-bed plots surrounded by a deer-free fence. There are four watering spigots and two benches enclosed in the garden. The playground is next to the garden and open to children while their parents work.

Each plot is rented in the spring for a small fee to help cover the costs of maintenance. If you'd like information about participating in the garden, please contact the church office: 314-432-1963

Dayspring's Community Garden Mission:

  1. Practice Hospitality: We are setting aside a significant portion of our property for our neighbors, giving them ownership and meaningful connection to our sacred space. It's just another way Dayspring tries to be a place where many new people feel at home.
  2. Create Community: New relationships will form with our community as we garden together and host educational opportunities.
  3. Alleviate Hunger: We will increase the amount of fresh food donations we make to Circle of Concern by inviting all to donate a portion of their produce. Our garden will bring more fresh produce to the table of many families who typically only receive processed and canned foods.
  4. Cultivate Faith: We will use the Community Garden as a hands-on laboratory to teach Jesus’ farm-related parables, as well as to teach about creation care and stewardship.