Get Involved

Together we seek to embody God’s dream of healing, wholeness, and redemption in the world. That's what "Practicing Peace" in our mission statement is all about. 

At Dayspring, opportunities abound to exercise your unique gifts and strengthen our community. Doing simple work together and for one another is an important part of our community life and personal journeys of faith. Joyfully offering gifts of time, talent and humble service makes a difference in the experience we share and that we offer. You don’t have to be a member of Dayspring (or any church for that matter) to get involved. If you’d like to help the poor, feed the hungry, care for the hurting... or whatever, we’d be happy for you to join us and maybe even show us something we didn’t know about making the world a better place.

At Dayspring

In order to engage more of our congregation into this rhythm, we facilitate the work we do in a different way. Rather than using the traditional committee structure, we have five areas of ministry: Worship, Hospitality/Community, Missions, Spiritual Formation, and Stewardship. You can read more about these areas here. 

Each Area of Ministry is divided into a number of Ministry Teams, that anyone can participate in. Every year our members have the opportunity to make a one-year commitment to caring for a specific ministry of our church. Some will sign up to organize and serve at the International Food Pantry. Others will sign up to care for the grounds, or teach Sunday School, or lead us in worship as an acolyte. Each year we start from scratch, giving everyone the opportunity to serve in new ways or take a season of rest as needed. This process cultivates trust while enabling our members to become stewards of our church and ministries. You can find an example of the various ministry teams at Dayspring here. 

In St.Louis

Dayspring seeks to actively connect with the St. Louis community in ways that are helpful, meaningful, and compassionate.  We intentionally enable individuals and small groups within our congregation to engage their calling and explore new ministries in the community. This is done in a variety of ways. Below are just a few of the ways we do this.

Mission: Possible

“Mission: Possible” is a day set aside for our entire congregation to serve the St. Louis community. After gathering together for breakfast and prayer, groups are sent all over the city to help in food pantries, homeless shelters, educational ministries, and more. We intentionally have projects that are designed to engage our congregation at every level, from pre-school through the oldest among us.  There’s room for everyone to serve. After a productive day of work, we gather again to share a meal and stories from the day.

Gateway 180 Homeless Shelter

Each Monday morning a group meets at Dayspring to go to Gateway 180 together, the area's largest homeless shelter. Together they organize donations and help to connect the needs of St. Louis with the available resources. 

International Fellowship Food Pantry

We join other churches in the St. Louis area by serving at a food pantry in South City on an ongoing basis. This is one of the ways we partner with Sasa and Mira Zivanov and minister to the international population in St. Louis. You can learn more about their work here. 

Race for Refuge

Each Labor Day weekend we sponsor and participate in the Covering House's 5k/10k Race for Refuge to help victims of Human Trafficking. You can learn more about the Covering's House by visiting their web site here.

Community Garden

Our community garden is a way for us to love our neighbors as ourselves by providing a place for them to garden. We also facilitate giving any extra produce to Circle of Concern. To learn more about our garden and how to participate, go to our Community Garden Page.

In the World

Justice Issues

"Practicing Peace" means that we intentionally take on justice issues in our world. We set aside seasons to learn about specific needs in the world so that we might embody God's healing and hope. Examples of justice issues we've taken on in recent years are Clean Water, Human Trafficking, and Homelessness.

Mission Trip

Each summer a group from Dayspring sets aside one week to minister beyond the St. Louis area. Recent mission trips to West Virginia have served severely impoverished areas through construction projects and ministry to children and youth. There are also individuals in our congregation who travel to places such as Rwanda, Haiti, Ecuador, India, and Belize to support and participate in various ongoing ministries abroad.