Permission to Live

A sermon by Lyndsay Williams on Jeremiah 29:1, 4-14.  

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A reflection on this week's sermon:

It’s during times of darkness that our human nature reacts by self-imposed exile or isolation, cutting us off from the very thing we need--love and community.  When we find ourselves in an unfamiliar place in life, we tend to immediately respond in fear. However…”do not be afraid,” says the Bible, 365 times.  God is holding your hand, calming your fears and guiding you.  It's during times of darkness that we learn to know what the voice of God sounds like.  Just as in Jeremiah 29, where God gave the Israelites a future, he/she offers us our future. Call upon his/her name and he/she will listen – search and you will find him/her – no matter where you may be he/she will be present for you. As Andy Squires in his song, “What Nobody Should Know” so eloquently  states--do not be afraid, during times of darkness is where we find where true amazing grace is.  (Link to song: .)