The Cave of Resistance

By Chris Fillingham

A sermon on John 11

We can always tell when we are in the “wilderness” of life, it's usually when we have so little control.  It’s usually a place of uncertainty, pain, and many times it’s when we find ourselves alone with very few to depend on.  It’s also a place where we have to confront certain “demons” that we locked away and hid in a box (or a cave), with hopes we wouldn’t have to deal with it anymore…it would just go away on its own.  Of course, it never does, creating more fear and insecurities.  Maybe it’s time you open that box and trust Jesus to help you with the rest of your journey to freedom.  The song, “The Cave” by Mumford & Sons has helped me in the past to open my heart towards a journey that includes a true dependence on Jesus,  I pray it does for you as well.

Sermon Text 

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