Sunday School

Sunday School classes meet at 9:30 Sunday mornings. At times we have special classes offered that cover specific topics. Generally, Sunday School is oriented toward biblical education and faith exploration.


For adults, there are two ongoing options. One meets in the choir room off Anniversary Hall. This class uses the ABC Quarterly as a jumping-off point for discussion and faith exploration.  The other class meets in Delmar House and may focus on current events as they intersect with faith or a book of the bible. Both these classes are intergenerational and open to all. However, more of our seniors choose the class using the quarterly, while the class in Delmar House tends to include those in mid-life, parents, and young adults. 

Youth and Children

Sunday School for teenagers is led by our Youth Minister each week. Our Children's Sunday School classes use a thoughtful and engaging curriculum that includes activities, crafts, and a short video to help teach the bible and develop faith.